Custom Made Spindles

Some of our capabilities

  • Balusters/Newals
  • Bun Feet
  • Chair legs
  • Custom Request
  • Dining table Legs
  • End table Legs
  • Finials
  • Kitchen Island
  • Spindles
  • Sofa Legs
  • Tapered Legs
Please note: Although we can apply finish to an order we generally do not apply finish to our spindles. Each spindle is sanded to a 220 grit. If a finish is requested, we use standard stains and topcoat. An additional fee is applied if finishes are requested.

Our spindles are generally made from the following woods:

Sapele (African Mahogany)
Maple (hard and soft)
Red Oak
White Oak
If you need another type of wood, please contact us for pricing.

How to determine the price of your spindle

  1. Determine the diameter of your spindle first. The diameter is taken from the widest point of the spindle to be duplicated.
  2. Measure the total length of your spindle.
  3. Go to the 'Cost per spindle' chart and find the length of your spindle for its' diameter>
  4. Use the width measurement and the length measurement to determine the wood cost.
  5. This is the price for for your spindle.
  6. The cost includes all the costs associated with the preparation of the wood and handling costs prior to shipping.

If you have any questions regarding pricing, e-mail us.

Cost per spindle
Diameter Length of Spindle
1" to 6" 6.1" to 12" 12.1" to 18" 18.1" to 24" 24.1" to 32" 32.1" to 36"
1/2" to .9" $11.90 $14.60 $17.55 $19.52 $22.70
1" to 1 7/16" $13.88 $17.30 $20.90 $24.27 $29.16
1 1/2" to 1 15/16" $16.38 $20.31 $25.50 $30.66 $35.94 $38.58
2" to 2 7/16" $19.82 $25.22 $31.82 $37.19 $43.32 $52.79
2 1/2" to 2 15/16" $23.90 $31.38 $39.60 $45.55 $52.98 $57.30
3" to 3 7/16" $27.98 $35.54 $44.30 $51.86 $60.74 $65.60

Note: All wood shrinks and expands because of temperature and humidity. While we attempt to turn your spindles to the size(s) requested, because of environmental differences, the result may be slightly different when you receive them.

Deposits: When an order is placed, 50% of the total cost of the order is required prior to any work being done. This deposit is non-refundable and is used to purchase the wood and initial set-up charges.

Cancellation: A client may cancel a purchase request at any time. If the request is made prior to the purchase of the wood for the project, the deposit made will be refunded. Otherwise, once the wood for the project is purchased, there will be no refund of the deposit.

Shipping and Handling Information :

  1. All orders will be sent via the most economic method
  2. An e-mail invoice will be sent to you at the time of shipping to include the shipping cost.
  3. We need a valid e-mail address before we can send parts back to you.
  4. Shipping charges are based on the current zone and fee's charts of the shipper.
  5. Handling charges may apply