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Q: Where are you Located?
Our shop is just north of Hendersonville, NC. Our address is: Mountain Woodworker, 123 Haywood Park Dr, Hendersonville, NC 28791. Note: Our address does not appear on all maps or GPS units. If having trouble locating us, please use the address for West Henderson High School, . We are right next door to the high school.

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Q: Do you offer Gift Certificates?
While gift certificates are very popular, we do not offer them for a number of reasons.

Q: What tools do I need to bring?
A list of tools that are used in each course is provided. In our one-on-one and small group courses the tools for those courses are provided for your use unless otherwise indicated in the list. For customized courses/workshops, students will have to bring their own tools. Even though our tools are provided, we strongly suggest that you bring your own tools as they are the ones you are used to working with. An added advantage of using your own tools is that they can be sharpened and "trued-up" during the course.

Q: Can I bring my own tools or materials?
We will supply everything you’ll need, however you’re welcome to bring any tools and materials you’d like. So if you have a favorite block plane, or square, bring it along! Have a piece of oak that is special to you? We can incorporate it into your furniture project, that’s no problem. You’re free to bring anything you’d like, however we can not waive or reduce any materials & lab fees associated with your course/class.

Q: How do I get my Project Home? I’m traveling from out of town.
Most of our students travel to our workshop from out of state, or even out of country, so we tend to complete projects to the “dry-fit” stage. This is done for two reasons: Dry fit projects can be broken down, and flat packed, making shipping back to one’s personal shop very economical.

Secondly, a dry fit piece can be taken apart and all of the tedious sanding, and pre-finishing work can be done on the project at your own pace.

Q: I won’t have time to finish my project once I’m back home, can you help?
Yes! Many of our students have very busy lives, and we realize that the only opportunity they will have to fulfill their woodworking passion is during their time with. For those interested, we offer a completion service. Click here for more info

Q: I’m not sure what to do with my project when I’m done with class
We’ve had several folks who want to build their woodworking skill set, but really have no use for another table, chair, bookcase, etc. If you fall into this category, we can help.

If you choose to leave your project with us, we will complete the project, finish it, and then we will donate it to a local non-profit charitable organization in your name. Everybody wins! You hone your woodworking skills, and a child or family is helped!

Q: Can I bring a camera, or take pictures at class?
We encourage taking notes and photographs of key elements of each course. Our focus is for you to learn, and a photograph is worth a thousand words. Bring a camera, take notes, make the most of your experience here! However, keep in mind that video or audio recording is prohibited.

Q: Do you offer Private or Customized Classes?
Yes! We offer classes that can be geared to your specific needs and wants. These classes can last from a day to a week and are taught as one-on-one or small group courses. to accommodate your schedule, for up to four participants. Click Here to learn more about our Private Classes

Q: Will you conduct a workshop/seminar for our group/club?
Yes. We often conduct workshops, seminars, lectures, and hands on teaching for schools, woodworking stores, and woodworking groups. Please have call us for more information at 828.329.5419

Q: What are the class hours?
Normal class hours are from 9am to 4:30pm; Some courses may begin begin earlier or end later. For one-on-one, or private classes, we can change the course schedule to meet your needs. Just let us know ahead of time

Q: Are there any pre-requisites?
Our introductory courses (Woodworking Fundamental 102 through Woodworking Fundamentals 203) are sequenced courses and should be taken in the order provided.

Q: Can I substitute a course project with another project?
Yes, as long as your project meets the same learning needs as the course project. For example if the course project involves using a chisel, then your project must also require using a chisel. Substitutions must be approved prior to the start of a course. If you want to substitute a project, let us know via email so that we can evaluate your suggested project.

If you have a question we have not answered, Please give us a call, 828.329.5419, or email us at pmrii@aol.com