Lumber Calculators
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Calculate Board Feet and Optional Cost
This calculator determines the number of board feet for a given size of board. The board must have a length in feet, inches or both. Each field must have a value in it. Each board must have a width in inches and a depth, also in inches. A value of NaN in either of the totals fields is an error message and indicates an improper entry in one of the fields.

1. Nominal thickness (T) inches
2. Nominal width (W) inches
3. Length (L) feet
4. Number of boards (optional)
5. Price per board foot (optional)
A. Total board feet (BF)
= (( line 1 x line 2 x line 3 ) ÷ 12 ) x line 4
B. Cost
= line 5 x line A

Calculate weight of lumber
The calculated weight is approximate for a variety of Woods. Actual weight will vary because of such factors as: area, climatic conditions, cutting time, age and many more condition. Enter the number of boardfeet of lumber, then select the variety. Click on Calculate for the resulting approximate weight.

Lumber Weight
Boardfeet of
Calculated Result
pounds lumber weight